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Make money while you sleep (comfortably).

What if you had access to the “big leagues” of investments that normally comes by using a broker, but without the commissions and fees? And what if it came with not only investments expertise, but also credit union expertise? As an SEC–registered investment adviser, our partner Accolade can oversee your credit union’s portfolio, including investment analysis and trade execution, without any upfront investment. Accolade will act as your credit union’s back office investment advisor, providing resources and experience to maximize income from the investment portfolio, while minimizing risk. In support of these services, Accolade also offers asset liability management services, investment accounting, security safekeeping, regulatory and board reporting, and policy development. As an investment adviser, Accolade has a fiduciary responsibility to act in the client’s best interest. And because they're not affiliated with a broker/dealer, you get truly unbiased investment advice.

Combine this with Accolade's ALM Advisory, Loan Advisory, and Strategic Planning solutions to complete your CU-wide consultation.

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