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Go beyond reporting and take your loan-portfolio management to the next level.

There's nothing more critical to a credit union's growth than understanding your loan portfolio. As credit unions increase in sophistication and members leverage their CU relationship differently, the intricacies of your loan portfolio demand deeper and deeper looks beyond the portfolio level; you need to study the individual parts and identify what strategic decisions are needed for growing and managing credit risk. Accolade's loan advisory service, delivered by OSC, provides more than just an understanding of where you are, but where targeted loan-growth opportunities live. Accolade's insights are prospective (rather than retrospective), thanks to its full loan-level analytics that calculate the probability of default and loss severity for each loan based on the characteristics of the loan, borrower, and collateral.

Combine this with Accolade's ALM Advisory, Investment Advisory, and Strategic Planning solutions to complete your CU-wide consultation.

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