Opportunities for Partners

Opportunities for Partners

Want to add more than 280
credit unions to your client list?

We can make that happen. Because that’s how many credit unions currently call us when they need help. And at the moment, they are using more than 1,100 of our products and services – many of which were developed with business partners just like you.

We don't partner with just anyone

We’re very selective about whom we introduce to our CU clients. Not only does your product or service need to align with our mission to help credit unions grow, but it has to be one we’re willing to attach our name and reputation to. Our clients know that if we recommend something, it’s been completely vetted by us and we stand behind its ability to deliver.

We're not a middle man

Not even close. We don’t just introduce someone to our CUs and step out. We manage the relationship every step of the way – from initial introduction to solution implementation and all the way through follow up. So if you want someone with a stellar reputation personally shepherding your name and products into the CU marketplace, we should talk. And then plan on seeing a lot of us.

Think you're a good fit?

Let’s find out—contact us and let’s start a conversation.

280 credit unions connected to relevant products
1100 products and services tailored to credit unions

In their words

"I was sold on OSC and CRIF because of their years of experience, talented leadership and commitment to creating win-win solutions." – CME Federal Credit Union