Personalized and seamless real-time P2P payment service.

Members increasingly want to send and receive money virtually and in real-time more often. Payzur P2P enables debit cardholders to send or receive money from their smartphone or online. Whether your members want to repay family and friends, split the check, send a birthday gift, or more, Payzur P2P allows them to quickly transfer money from their existing debit account to almost anyone’s. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

Digital Convenience

Give members more convenience to quickly transfer money just by using their smartphones or laptops.

Easy Implementation

This browser-based, mobile-enabled solution is cloud-hosted, which means implementation is a breeze.

Cost Savings

Help your members save money with low to zero fees added per transaction.


Allow members to securely send money using just their email address or phone number instead of an account number.

Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Sr. Business Solutions Manager
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