Loans that evolve with your neighbors.

As your members’ lives change, so do their loan needs – that can be a problem if they have a long-term loan. Rate Reset can help. Rate Reset is a software solution that empowers your members to reset their loan without the cost and hassle of refinancing. Better yet, it automates loan retention so your credit union staff can focus on developing new business – Rate Reset can help you with business development too. Whether it’s developing or retaining your member relationships, Rate Reset has you covered.

Loan Retention

Members can easily request new loan terms when their life circumstances change, which means you retain the loan.

Portfolio Growth

Grow and diversify your loan portfolio by sending qualified members Knock Knock offers for personal loans, credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages.

Digital Closings

Let members review, sign, and accept loan offers in seconds.

Loan Acquisition

Capture members' loans from other institutions in seconds.

Kyle Alford
Kyle Alford Director, Business Research and Development
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