Protect your members against uncertainty.

Losing a job, suffering an illness, and experiencing other unexpected circumstances can be more than a bump in the road for your members – they can be life-changing. Vehicle Return Plan (VRP) can help you serve your members when they need you the most and offer your credit union a means to mitigate indirect and direct lending risks and chargebacks. With VRP, your members have a safety net – and you do too.

Worry-free Protection

Allow credit union members to buy with confidence knowing they can return their vehicle, eliminate negative equity, and free themselves from their ongoing debt.

Generate Revenue

Providers can offer this program at cost or choose to add a premium to earn additional revenue.

Reduce Charge-offs

Protects members’ credit scores for future loans and mitigate your risk by minimizing repossession costs and charge-offs.

Customizable Program

Let credit unions customize their negative-equity program based on members’ needs and tailor the pricing of the coverage on the average lending profile.

Natalie Phillips
Natalie Phillips Sr. Business Solutions Manager
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