Our Story

Our Story

We know the credit union industry

And we know the people who work in it. We have personal relationships with more than 280 credit unions across Ohio and other states, helping them implement more than 1,100 business solutions. That’s a lot of face time with a lot of credit union professionals, during which we not only helped them grow their business, but have became the first people they now call when they want to grow further.

We partner with people who think like we do

People who, like us, develop products and services tailored to the specific needs of credit unions. But we don’t partner with just anyone; we thoroughly evaluate both the solutions they provide and the way in which they conduct business. And we have very high standards. Only then do we add their service or product to our portfolio and introduce them to our credit union customers. 

We build relationships

While providing top-notch business solutions is what we’re known for, at the end of the day, it all comes down to relationships – and we pride ourselves on the ones we’ve built. The credit unions we work with trust that any product we recommend or service provider we introduce them to will be a great one. And our business partners know that when we connect them or their product with a credit union, everything needed for a smooth implementation will be handled by us. 

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18 businesses partnering with us to help credit unions